Born in Thiene (Vicenza) in 1943, graduated at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) in 1968, with Giuseppe Samonà. From 1973 he was appointed, then associate professor of Architectural Composition at the IUAV, and  from 1990 ordinary professor of Architectural and Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Genoa. In the first half of the seventies he participated in the research and teaching activities of the IUAV Architecture Group, founded by Aldo Rossi and Carlo Aymonino; in Genoa he directed a three-year research doctorate.
His projects and writings have been published in the main Italian and foreign architecture magazines, in collective books and monographs; the project for the Berlin Castle is the subject of numerous books, articles and interviews also in the main international newspapers and magazines..
His projects have been presented in exhibitions, such as:  the Clear and the AAM Gallery in Rome, the Revoltella Museum in Trieste, the Venice Biennale, the Milan Triennale, the  Center Pompidou in Paris; the project of the Berliner Schloss has been presented in numerous European and non-European cities.
He was a jury member of the two main competitions - "Spreebogen" (1993) and "Spreeinsel" (1994) - for the return of Berlin as Capital of the reunited Germany.
Since 1975 he has owned a professional studio in Vicenza and since 2009 also in Berlin, with the task of reconstruction / new construction of the Berlin Palace for the Humboldt Forum.


Projects for competitions and exibitions

- Reconstruction of the central areas in Karlsruhe, 1970;

- Monument to the Resistance in Piazza Einaudi in Milan, 1971;

- Piazza in the centre of Ancona, 1978 (mentioned project);

- Halles district in Paris, 1979; - Lützowplatz in Berlin, 1981;

- Bastille Opera House in Paris, 1983 (awarded project);

- Natural History Museum in Rome,1983 (“Consultation on Rome”, by invitation);

- Monument for the Bicentenary of the French Revolution in Paris, 1987 (mentioned project);

- Carré, Rondell, Oktogon: three residential blocks for Berlin, 1988 (Exhibition “Berlin Denk-mal oder Denk-modell? ”, Kunsthalle Berlin);

- Hypogeum Museum of the Five Orders of Architecture in Paris, 1989 (Exhibition "Paris. Architecture et utopie", Pavillon de l'Arsenal);

- Nara Convention Hall, 1991;

- Projects for the Potsdam Center, 1991, (International Seminar);

- Town Hall and Piazza di Maserà di Padova, 1991(first prize);

- Bank and shopping mall in the Centre of Potsdam, 1994 (by invitation);

- New city on the outskirts of Milan, 1994 (Exibition “Il centro Altrove”,Triennale di Milano);

- Pappelallee district in Potsdam, 1994

- Chancellery of the FRG in Berlin, 1994;

- New city-suburb of Biesdorf-Süd in Berlin, 1994 (by invitation);

- Federal Labor Court in Erfurt, 1995;

- Expansion of the Costanza Hostel, 1996 (mentioned project);

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, 1996;

- Reconstruction of a Palladian house in Potsdam, 1996 (second prize);

- Piazza and urban park in San Donato Milanese, 1997;

- EUR Congress Center in Rome, 1998;

- Arrangement and extension of the Padua Fair, 1998 (winner project);

- New urban center of Modena Nord, 2002;

- School complex in Capiago, 2003;

- Proposal for an archaeological square in Piazza Duomo in Vicenza, 2003;

- Central Library of the Humboldt University in Berlin, 2004;

- Center of Culture and Congresses in Regensburg, 2006;

- Piazza-Teatro facing the sea in Crotone, 2006 ( for the "10. Mostra di Architettura della Biennale di Venezia");

- Extension of the Asplund Public Library in Stockholm, 2006;

- Berliner Schloss / Humboldt Forum, 2008 (first prize);

- Townhouse and urban villa in the Centre of Potsdam, 2012 (first prize);

- Hospital and Campus in Padua, 2015 (for the "Workshop Internazionale Di Architettura, Padova 2015");


built projects

- Office buildings Estel in Thiene, 1972-1986;

- Middle school in Sarcedo, 1972-75;

- Middle school in Arzignano, 1976-79;

- Elementary school in Longare (partial construction), 1976-80;

- Elementary school in Valli del Pasubio (partial construction), 1977-81;

- Elementary school in Piovene, 1978-89;

- Urban villa in Thiene 1987-90;

- Multi-family House in Potsdam-Kirchsteigfeld, 1996;

- Renovation of a school and holiday house in Cortina d'Ampezzo, 2000-2003;

- Two exhibition Pavilions of the Padua Fair, 1998-2002;

- Townhouse and urban Villa in the centre of Potsdam, 2012-2020;

- Two houses in the centre of Thiene, 2017-20;

- Berlin Palace / Humboldt Forum, 2008-2020


Note: The names of any collaborators are indicated in the presentation of each individual project


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