Project for "Inventer '89 - Bicentennial French Revolution" (mention), 1987
with Aldo De Poli, Michelangelo Zucchini

To celebrate the ideals of the French Revolution, an architecture of cubes, cylinders and spheres is proposed, to be built in a place with a great urban visibility.

The cube is the house of the stairs and lifts, which comes with three orders of pylons and  entablatures.

The cylinder is the house in relationship with the city, which has three orders of double-height loggias, separated by entablature floors. It is a place of collective experience of the city: the metaphor for the ideal of the men’s equality.

The sphere is the hidden house of internal space; it is cracked by small holes, through which one eye can see the images projected on the curved wall. It is a place of individual experience: the metaphor for the ideal of individual freedom.

The building is demonstratively located in the tip of the Ile de la Citè at the Pont-Neuf in Paris, only to indicate the criterion of the urban visibility in choosing the place of a possible construction.